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We work with e-commerce entrepreneurs, who want to improve revenue from the visitors they already have so that they can lower their marketing spend.
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Hi, I’m Scott, and the owner, the president, the CEO, the CMO, CTO and many other C-level functions at innotrends.

My internet roots have been developing since 1996. Oh yes, that’s way back when The Internet was pretty new.

Innotrends’ launched in 2015 after 21 years of corporate life.

Oh and if you’re wondering what innotrends means, well it’s a combination of two words which best explain what I like most: innovations and trends.

My core service is optimizing e-commerce revenue, increasing average order value and lead generation. In short; make more money by doing less work.

I also work for publishers and digital agencies by creating sites, e-commerce stores, lead magnets and consulting.

Besides my Apple addiction, I’m a pretty standard family guy: I love to cook, work out at the gym and play Xbox.  

Here’s a short satirical introduction of The Netherlands (in English)

I live in The Netherlands. Holland is known for our clogs, tulips windmills, cheese and Austin Powers’ “Goldmember”.


my first site

One of my geek friends printed a few pages on how to create sites with HTML. I never used a computer before. The document didn’t explain that saving the HTML as a .html file does the trick. It took me two months to finally figure out why my webpage wasn’t loading in the browser ;0)


Remote service

I created my first site for a company I was working for ( financial software). With Norton’s PcAnywhere, I created a system where we could update our clients’ software and offer remote service. This was pretty challenging with a 28k modem, but we didn’t have to travel all over the place to update software. What a times-saver


Shopping comparison

I got hired to work for the most significant shopping comparison site on the planet. This was the first job I landed in e-commerce working for British, American, Japanese and German merchants. Not long after I left it was taken over, and today it’s an eBay company. 


Compare group

I applied for a sales job and talked with the largest e-tailers in the business trying to get their products in our comparisons. The dot com bubble burst, and as you may imagine, retailers where reluctant spending money for yet another startup. The company gave me three months to prove myself. The company was financially sinking. Twelve months later, we had three FTE’s and the company was making profit.


Reed Business

I got headhunted to work for one of the globes’ largest publishers. Started as a sales guy selling print and online ads. Two years later, I got bumped to assistant-publisher. 1 year later, a new promotion as publisher for our largest personal finance sites serving thousands of daily visitors, live events, a multi-million lead generation business and magazines and managed a team of marketeers, editors and was responsible for the financial reporting.


The birth of innotrends

Yes, I left my comfortable corporate life for something new — my own business. In my past, I had the opportunity to work for some great companies helping them make millions. I felt it was time for me to make millions for myself. When I started the company, I was doing everything I could get my hands on. I was creating sites, created online ads (also for Google) & making presentations for clients.

During the summer holiday of 2018, I reflected what I had achieved. The conclusion was I wasn’t building a brand, wasn’t specialising in a specific niche or service.

I was solving peoples issues whenever they needed me. Which is fine but not something I wanted innotrends to be.

It was then I decided to focus on offering my knowledge and solutions to e-commerce and lead-generating businesses, and when I can, help other business owners improve their businesses also.


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