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A website is the foundation for any business. We make sure yours is modern, secure, and running smoothly. Our customer-centric design approach ensures that your customers will find your online presence engaging and accessible.
We believe that the intersection between clever design, innovation and blazing fast customer service is the fundament of digital success. Here's what you need to know about us:
Why innotrends?
innotrends is the combination of words "innovation" and "trends." We're always looking for new solutions to meet our clients' needs. With our ongoing search, we take notice of new trends in our discovery sessions, design and development.

The way we help our clients reach their goals is by providing a service package that includes: Digital Strategy, Web design (UX & UI), Web development, Conversion Optimization and Automations (email, SalesForce, Webhooks), Lead Generation and Lead Nurturing. The service also includes hosting (including WordPress).

What can you expect from us?
Our mission is to deliver high quality service that is quick and effective.

We aim to provide digital solutions which help you achieve your business goals. From our experience, it's not enough to just create a new website and hope for the best. To improve your conversion rates & newsletter open rates we often recommend in-depth analysis before developing. This way we believe we can prevent even worse case scenarios

Not convinced yet? Take a look at some of our client cases and testimonials on our website.

If you are looking for a web developer to create your website without our level of service, we will gladly refer you to our trusted (international) partner agencies.

How much do you cost?
We're a digital agency that has 130+ happy clients who have shown great appreciation. We've done work for companies of all shapes and sizes, and want to make sure we innovate & enhance your world!

We don't have one fixed rate for our services because we're not the type of agency that churns out generic sites all day long. We've done this in the past and found it a less-valuable path for our customers to deal with.

We not only get super enthusiastic about helping your company with increased sales or leads but also provide dedicated assistance throughout the process.

That's why you're not just getting an agency that builds quality websites but an agency who cares about your business as much as you do.

Due to our 20+ year experience, knowledge, service and dedication we believe our rates may start from €3500 excluding VAT.

What's the logo all about?
Innotrends has been around since 2015 & we only spent a minute thinking about logos until now.

It might seem like the portrait is incomplete or unfinished, but it's not. The connecting wires signify the connections to our work and the successes of our clients. They represent what we do for them, not what we can show them.

In this 24/7, online world, running a successful website simply by launching it today will not be enough to keep you in business. The real work starts the moment you start trying to find new ideas on how to grow your traffic and client base.

There's no one-trick-pony we can employ to hit the numbers. We're going to need to work hard together and set the foundations for success first. I hope our logo symbolizes this overarching idea - I hope you like it?

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