Free conversion and revenue calculation tools

I have created a few calculation tools for you which is recommended for any type of digital business selling products or services. innotrends will not take any responsibility for the outcome of the results. 

How many unique visitors are converting?

Improving Conversion Rates is the best and, undoubtedly, the fastest way to grow your revenue.

The reason it’s the best and fastest way to improve sales has to do with the fact that the more visitors you turn into paying clients, the more revenue you’ll be making.

Especially if you’re spending marketing money, you shall see your Return on Investment improve.

Your conversion rate is: %
Calculate your Average Order Value

Knowing your exact Average Order Value helps you manage your business.

You will understand how much each customer is ‘worth’ in terms of revenue.

Because you have identified the ‘worthiness’ of a client, it’s worth looking into improving the Average Order Value, so you benefit more from each client that’s purchasing. You could think of upselling and cross-sell possibilities.

Your Average Order Value: $
Calculate your Customer Lifetime Value

Calculating the CLTV is extremely important because it helps you predict the future of you business. CLTV predicts how much profit you can expect from the average client during the period a client stays a client.

CLTV therefor helps you understand how much money you could spend on marketing to retain a customer. On the other hand you will also understand how much a client costs you when leaving you.

There are many methods to calculate the customer lifetime value and this calculator comes pretty close to predicting the CLTV you could work with.

Please do not base your business decision on this calculator only. It’s purely informative and, I repeat, it’s a prediction.


Your CLTV per year: $

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