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Web development

DVI Lighting

DVI is one of the leading lights manufacturers in North America. They have offices in Toronto and across Canada, sales offices in Dallas and Toronto, and warehouses in Texas and on the east coast.

Key objectives

Simplify the front end design so clients can easily find the products they want to find
Create a user-friendly environment current clients feel comfortable with
Automate importing of product database and update at least 3 times a day, 7 days a week
Improve SEO performance
Create a customer login system to view specific content based on client type

Why the (re)build

DVI needed to rethink their digital strategy because an increasing number of resellers are now finding their information online. Their old website was pretty basic and many of the functionalities weren't working properly. Basic functionalities such as the navigation didn't work for mobile devices either.

At first DVI was looking for a fresh, new design that still looks like their website. However, they felt it was important to keep the existing branding so people knew what website they were on.

How we started

Before getting into development, we always conclude with the discovery phase. During this phase, we evaluate what types of content are visited more often and weed out the ones that no one pays attention to. We closely compare our competitors' strategies and find out what they're doing right.

website structure

Our easy-to-navigate site structure is clearly laid out based on user experience and research. The most popular categories are the first in the dropdown, and at the bottom of that you can see links to different 'browser rooms' where your content lives.


What we accomplished

Our easy to use, trendy website makes it easier for users to find the right information they need. During the build we also discovered that the product inventory was manually managed. We found a solution for this because it would take too much time, effort and isn't them most time efficient way to manage thousands of products. It wasn't easy but we managed to connect to DVI's ERP and download the inventory 3 times a day. Now the website is updated 3 times a day completely automatically because of that.


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