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When you join In2Coaching, you'll get to work with one of the renowned coaches who can handle your toughest challenges and unlock your full potential. The coaching programs are designed to be flexible to fit your busy life and work schedule. You'll learn skills that will last a lifetime and experience the breakthroughs in mental clarity, emotional intelligence and relationships that make coaching worth it.

Key objectives

Implement Learning Management System (LMS)
Clients should be to purchase courses online
Send out automated inactivity emails
Payments through Mollie or Stripe (payment processor)

Why the (re)build

In2Coaching recently released their online courses a year after the launch of their new website. They now offer a variety of courses including Personal Leadership Coaching, Parenthood Coaching , and Target setting coaching which can be followed online.

How we started

in2coaching customized content for the courses they offer.

For the ones available to purchase, we made sure to use a Learning Management System; LearnDash. LearnDash is an effective LMS plugin for WordPress websites that allows you to create engaging courses for your followers.

LearnDash is a robust and unique learning management system that features powerful customization features. We then added WooCommerce, which allowed people to buy products online.

While we were working on implementing the designs and other aspects for this project, the client started adding content to pages that had already been completed as well. This technique saved us a lot of time, which helped us get the project done swiftly!

website structure

Looking back, in2coaching launched with a pretty cluttered navigation. Based on the analytics that we could see, the navigation was not as effective as we had originally hoped. That is why we decided to optimize our layout by decreasing the amount of course categories and subcategories that were available for customers.


What we accomplished

We've created in2coachings' custom platform to cater for course creation, editing and deletion. The Learndash LMS we've incorporated will allow them to easily sell their own courses without needing to be dependent on other platforms or even us.

Every user has a custom dashboard which monitors all the courses they're taking. They can easily see your progress in each course and receive automated notifications if they haven't logged in for a while.


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