Jord, a new social service that connects seniors with teenagers against loneliness

Web development


Loneliness has been an oncoming problem for a long time. Many people, especially those who are elderly, fall victim to that loneliness and it changes their lifestyle drastically. However, there are ways to combat this problem and make sure they don't feel isolated in their own homes. This is what Jord is all about.

Key objectives

Create a donation platform
Donations and other data linked to SalesForce
Setup email automations keeping the Jord friends up to date
Marketing pages for ad campaigns

Why the (re)build

To get more donations and share information about the service, we developed a new website for Jord. We offer our services free of charge because we believe in helping. Our help also includes automated services for Salesforce, email automations ongoing maintenance and advice.

How we started

We're here to make our clients' life easier. We built a WordPress website. We put GiveWP, a donation plugin, on it. To make sure we can manage all the donations in SalesForce, we use Zapier. Zapier helps connect the donation data and send it to 3rd party services such as Salesforce. By using Salesforce the administration is kept to a minimum. How cool is that?

website structure

We've been wanting to provide a way to learn more about what Jord is. This is why we're currently focusing on topics such as how the services works and the importance of Jord. Since people want to know this before donating, we thought it was important that we implement the information into our website structure 😀


What we accomplished

We're happy to report that our the website is ready for donations! We made sure donations are connected to Mollie and Salesforce, and is fully optimized with SEO. We've also included a great deal of imagery that runs fluidly on all devices. We are committed to help Jord succeed!


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