What is conversion optimization?

Updated: 22/07/2021
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Conversion optimization is the analysis of how customers interact with a website to increase the number of purchases or other desired actions. Today, there are many conversion optimization techniques available and they all vary depending on what the conversion goal is.

A few popular examples are:

  • A/B testing, which compares two versions of a web page to determine which produces better results.
  • Split tests, where two different ads are shown on Facebook, but only one ad is shown to people who visit a particular page.
  • Personalization, which creates web pages that target individual visitors based on their behavior.

What to pay attention to when optimizing

Consumers are always on the go and want to quickly decide what to do. That means the conversion optimization process revolves around understanding how your website interacts with the customer.

If you want to make sure your website stands out and is attractive among the competition, it's important to understand how your customers interact with it. This way, you can work on improving those areas that have the greatest impact on whether or not someone buys from you.

A conversion optimization consultant will help you understand where your site falls short and how best to optimize it for a better user experience. Whether you need someone to test a few changes or a complete optimization of your website, we always recommend having thorough research carried out such as an A/B test.

4 conversion optimization tips

When it comes to conversion optimization, you need to step back and see the bigger picture. Conversion optimization isn't about changing one thing and seeing if it works. It involves changing multiple elements on your website to improve your conversion rate. Below are four key "elements" to focus on when trying to optimize your website for conversions:

  1. Content - High quality content is the backbone of any successful conversion optimization strategy, so spend time optimizing your website content to get more people to your site and convert.
  2. Design - Make sure your design is clean, clear and simple so that visitors can focus on their task (converting).
  3. Layout - The layout of a particular page should be both: functional and well-arranged so that visitors feel easy and familiar to order a product or service.
  4. Pagespeed. A slow website is 'bad for business'. What do we mean by slow? If your page takes 3 seconds or more to be technically fully loaded, conversion will drop significantly. CloudFlare wrote an interesting article about pagespeed. Here you can read what the conversion ratios are per page speed. The gist is - the faster, the better.


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