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How to improve your conversion rates

When you have an e-commerce store one of your main focus points is to improve conversion rates. Improving these rates will boost your revenue super fast, some would want you to believe. But if improving your conversion was an easy task each and every e-tailer would be a multi-millionaire.

You probably searched google for conversion optimization because you’re one of the millions of shop owners who isn’t a multi-millionaire nor have a team of e-commerce specialists.

To help you on your way I have curated some of the best articles how to improve your conversion rates.

Neil Patel describes in his article how the structure of your site is one of the most important pieces of the puzzle.

Source: Neil Patel
When you hear the words “site architecture,” the first thing that comes to mind is probably SEO. It doesn’t take much digging into SEO best practice to learn that Google loves a site with clearly defined architecture that’s easy to crawl and index. But if you stopped your site architecture planning with just your SEO, then you’ve missed out on the greater picture. Site architecture isn’t just an effort to game search engines into ranking your site higher. It does help with SEO, but it’s so much more than that. Read the full article on NeilPatel.com

If your site is optimized based on your visitors usage there are many other conversion optimizers around which you need to look into.
Here’s a list of 3 in-depth articles which will help improve your CRO.

  1. How to use buying keywords to improve conversion rates – by Alexa
    This article will help you understand how improve your marketing ads. Understanding user intent will drastically improve the number of conversions.
  2. 7 Best Tools to Proofread Website Content – by Dream Homebased Work
    The importance of creating great content is vital for your conversions. Check out this post for 7 effective conversion content boosters
  3. How to improve conversion rates with a faster website – by Moz.com
    Slow sites are bad for any business especially e-commerce. Visitors don’t trust slow sites but what the speed be and how can you improve your websites’ pagespeed. Read it here

Why your conversions aren’t improving

I have had quite a bunch of potential clients telling me they’ve read many conversion-related articles, followed the advice, and still, nothing changed.

You can have the most perfectly designed site, with great products, optimized pagespeed, your SEO up to latest standards and nothing changes.

After analyzing their traffic in most cases, it became clear the lack of conversions was visitor-related — actually the lack of visitors.

To optimize, you need to have a substantial amount of visitors.

I’ve met business owners who have read articles, optimized their sites and then found it hard to detect which optimization supports the conversion growth.

If you want to optimize your current conversion rates, you should optimize one step at a time.

Where to start optimizing for conversions

  1. Optimize your pagespeed
    If you don’t know how to optimize your pagespeed I would highly recommend WPspeedGuru
  2. Optimize your meta tags
    Update your meta tags as Moz explains in their in-depth meta tag article
  3. Build trust
    It’s much harder to improve conversions if people don’t know who you are. I wrote an extensive article on how to build trust
  4. Offer outstanding customer service
    CrazyEgg has a great article with 5 helpful tips how to improve your customer service
  5. Quality testimonials
    Real testimonials will help build user trust as described by BigCommerce

Now make sure you’ve implemented Google Analytics or a different analytics package because you want to carefully monitor the effects of the changes you’ve made.

Monitor Analytics

If you don’t know how to implement analytics then check out this video how to set analytical goals.
Setting goals will help you monitor your achievements. Reaching the goals will give you energy and if goals aren’t met they will help you find out why not.

Manage which goals

SearchEngine Journal has a super great article how to setup your analytics, goals and funnels. The article will even share 7 exceptional tips why and how to minitor specific visitor data. Read it, you’ll love it.

Source: SearchEngine Journal
Having properly configured Google Analytics goals will give you the opportunity to truly understand your website audience – who they are, what they are doing, and whether they are converting toward your identified site objectives. Robust analytical data is what establishes campaign benchmarks and, most importantly, will help formulate your marketing strategy. Read the full article on SearchEngine Journal


Edit: Or you can also check out the video created by The PPC machine on how to setup Google Analytics

Share you tips

Maybe you’ve some great conversion optimization tips – please share below. If you have questions just ask.

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