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Innotrends core business is helping entrepreneurs grow their business based on data. We analyse data for our clients and present it an easy to understand manner.


Innotrends launched in 2015, but our online knowledge started way back in 1996.

Scott Collins touched a PC for the first time in 1995. Not long after he got acquainted with this new hype: The Internet. Not long after Scott created his first website for a software accountancy company, he was working for at the time.

Four years later Scott was head-hunted for one of the largest start-ups worldwide. He got the chance to go ‘crazy’ and develop new concepts and innovations. One of his ideas even made it to CNN worldwide.

Later on, Scott developed and worked a few other significant concerns but always stayed working for his real passion; The Internet

2015 was an exciting year because Scott decides to leave his well-payed job. He decided to create his own company: Innotrends

Innotrends main focus is helping people make decisions based on data.

We will only help people if we believe our service can help our clients benefit from our knowledge. If after our first introduction we feel we can’t help you efficiently we’ll mention it. We find honesty much more important than increasing our customer database.


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