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e-commerce intelligence​

We notice an increasing number of e-commerce entrepreneurs don’t find sufficient time to analyse their data, optimise their site based on their users’ site behaviour. Because of the neglect, many e-tailers are losing potential revenue opportunities. We’ve worked for many years for e-commerce companies, and we know what your data is essential to monitor frequently. Our service will analyse your information for you, we interpret the data for you and advise how to generate more revenue starting with the low hanging fruit.

e-commerce analysis

Our e-commerce intelligence is based on the 3 easy steps

Phase 1

During the first phase, we will ask numerous questions about your business, competition, achievements and last but not least, your goals. Within a week we will analyse your data and compare it to the goals you would like to reach. We then bundle the results in an easy to understand Powerpoint.


Phase 2

The initial assessment will assess your website against the latest requirements by search engines such as Google. We check your pagespeed which is a significant ranking factor for Google and a primary reason for customers to leave your website. Our software will also track and monitor your competitors. We can present information about their search rankings, advertising campaigns etc.


Phase 3

Because we’re aware of your goals, we monitor your goals for you. Our monthly reports will include the necessary information and advice about what could be done to optimise results. We are not magicians. Our service gives you the best base to help gain results as soon as possible.


Monthly analysis

Although our initial analysis should help you improve your website toward higher rankings and revenues nothing changes as much as online. We therefore strongly advise, at a minimum to have us frequently update the analytics and site audit reports. The monthly update is the same report as the initial assessment only with updated data, advice and insights.

intelligently smart dashboards

Based on your KPI’s we analyze your data. We then create an easy to understand powerpoint presentation which is approximately 40 pages. The document will consist of your data, advise and tips on how to increase revenue, users and so on. Dashboards, as you can see below, are also created specifically for you. With one click you’ll have a helicopter view of the most critical data.

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ROI analysis

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