SEO-Analysis for higher rankings

SEO test & analysis

Most companies want to achieve the highest rankings possible. But to rise in ranking sites have many challenges to overcome. Search engines require websites to follow many rules. The site has to be in a perfect technical state, and content has to be relevant, well written and up to date. Should your website meet, these and more requirements chances improve for your site to get ranked higher.

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Result driven SEO analysis

Without a thorough interpretation of your data, it’s virtually impossible to create a successful website which meets your goals. Our unique software crawls your site and detects optimisations which improves your rankings and overall usability. We also monitor your pagespeed which is a significant ranking factor for the search engines because visitors don’t like slow websites. Many reports show a massive decline in revenue if your site responds slower than 3 seconds. Because pagespeed is such an important factor, we have specialised tackling the most common speed optimisations.

Our SEO analysis consist of

Site health check

Page analysis

meta analysis

content analysis

link analysis

Image check

responsive analysis

user friendliness


competition analysis


search analysis

social media

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