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There are only a few ways you can increase revenue, the most important

  1. Increase your traffic
  2. Improve your conversion rate
  3. Improve retention rates
  4. Increase your average order value
  5. Monitor your traffic closely
  6. Last but not least, call me ;0)

Pagespeed has a gigantic influence when it comes to conversion rates.

It’s real simple: The faster your site loads the happier your visitors are. 

Slow sites also feel untrusted which means people won’t buy.

According to a study conducted by Akamai you could be losing half of your visitors if pages take longer than three seconds to load. So if you’re spending money on ads, half of the people could be running away before your site has loaded. Isn’t that a waste of money.

Funnily enough some clients say it’s easy to build a site by yourself. Well, on paper it is but if your business is worth something to you do you really want to take a risk by creating a slow site?

Yes I do.

The site you’re looking at now is built by myself. I build and modify sites for my clients.

I will also offer landing magnet templates for clients (coming soon)

Yes, I actually do. In fact, about 30% of my clients come to me via other agencies.

Let me reply to the question with 2 relevant examples:

You decided to sell products online, right? Is this a guarantee for succes?

You rented an office? Did you ask for a ‘business success guarantee’ by renting the place?

You see, asking for a guarantee is easy but I’m not in the insurance business. I share my knowledge, ideas and experiences with you. For most of my clients it’s a brought the succes they aspire. For some not. 

The only guarantee I am willing to offer is you will learn a bunch of new stuff. Just like I have.

Optimizing sites to improve  SEO goes a lot further than cramming your site with repudiative keywords and other so-called winning strategies.

SEO is all about following a strategy, finding the audience, research the way they search, which terms they use to describe your products or service. If my work has paid off and you do manage to reach top rankings that doesn’t mean you’re site will stay there forever either.

I believe optimising sites for ranking positions is arguably one of the most complex, most profitable yet most under estimated job concerning online marketing.

Agencies attempting to fool you into first position guarantees and so on have no idea what they’re talking about. You best leave them.

Because my goal is to help other entrepreneurs to improve the work-life balance and earn more money I’ve invested many years of reading, learning and actually tweaking clients sites. Some of my clients have been disappointed and some have reached considerable results.

SEO isn’t a one-solution-fits-all. 

Do you feel like your business should be making more revenue?

Let me audit your site and I’ll give you a free strategy session with interesting insights you can use to improve your revenue, today
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