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Building an Instagram Audience – Week 2

Last week I created the very first post how to set a business Instagram account up. I also promised to share a weekly update about the tactics we have used, the findings and obviously the statistics.

Our goal is to generate an audience of 10.000 followers by the end of 2020 and we started from zero. So, if you’re interested growing your audience, prevent from making the same mistakes as we make, all you have to do is follow our weekly “Building an Instagram Audience” posts.

Week 2 Statistics

Compared to last week we have 18 new followers, we’re following 7 more Instagrammers (is this a word?), and we only managed to share two new posts.

We will never reach our 10.000 followers goals with just two posts.

Martin is the CMO and he’s working on a social media strategy. Until it’s ready he’s not really posting too much. Hmmm, this could make sense unless he’s “pulling my leg”. I hope by next week Martin will share some insights with us?


Instagram Followers



We noticed during the 1st week of building our audience we had to spend quite some time creating designs for our Instagram posts.

Well designed posts stand-out from the clutter of posts.

When we just started out with Instagram, we found ourselves faffing about with Photoshop. It was taking us too much time to create a post. I’m talking about a few hours per post.

So Martin decided it would be a smart move to find a service that would save time without spending too much of my money.

We ended up signing up to a free Canva account. We found that Canva has a great collection of ready-made templates specifically for Instagram posts.


Canva Homepage

There are many Instagram tools about, but Martin found Canva to be one of the best. Canva offers much more than a bunch of Instagram templates.

They also have templates for Facebook, Youtube, LinkedIn, infographics and many more ready-made templates you can use for tools such as powerpoint.

Canva offers a free 30-day trial. During the trial, you have full functionality accept you won’t have access to all the ready-made templates and stock images.

We signed up for the trial expecting a few templates but to our surprise the free trial is amazing in terms of usable content.

We haven’t concluded the 30-day trial as of yet, but I’m pretty sure we’re going to subscribe to the pro version which costs a mere $9,95 a month if you select an annual payment. If you pay per month, you pay a little more.

First post with Canva

We’re new to Instagram, and there is so much we don’t understand yet when it comes to which type of posts or designs work for the audience we want to reach. So we’re testing a bunch of different designs.

Maybe this is why Martin wants to create a social media strategy first instead of posts like madmen?

We also want to become more consistent, but before we can do that we need to test which post types generate followers.

All we want to do is generate those 10.000 followers.

So, we created our first post with a Canva template with the text:

Pagespeed has a gigantic influence when it comes to conversion rates!
DM or give @innotrends.nl a follow to learn more.

First Canva Post

We got 65 likes, no comments and the clicks to the innotrends websites: Not that many. In fact, not that many = 0.

Hmmm, so let’s just recap – 65 people liked to the post, but not one person was interested enough to visit our website.

We’re not monitoring the number of likes because it’s not really that relevant for us at the moment.

But the amount of clicks to the site is disappointing.

One major dislike I have with Instagram – you can’t add links to your post unless you have a minimum of 1000 followers.

So what Martin did was change the link in the bio. Which is a better solution but not really what we want – so we need to reach 1000 followers as soon as possible. I just wish Instagram would stop being such a pain when it comes to linking to sites.


I was talking about this stupid Instagram rule with a friend of mine: Pim from HookStone.

He told me to add a something likelinktree. I was like “what’s a linktree”? The lazy SOB told me to Google it.

Right of the bat all I saw was, DON’T USE LINKTREE.

I confronted him with his ill advice, and then he showed me an example of what he did, which Instagram seems to be ok with.

The idea is simple, create a page, on your website, and on that page, add a maximum of three links pointing to the most important pages or promotions you’re running.

Once you have that page online you can change the link in your Instagram bio, and you won’t need to change it again.

All it does it save you time from updating your bio profile URL with every post, you post.

Ok, great, this saves time, but I haven’t implemented the idea yet. Maybe next week?

Video post

I recently purchased an annual subscription to a video making service Biteable.com.

I needed to create a few videos for my Facebook page, so I asked Martin what he’d think about sharing a video on Instagram.

Because I’m the boss, I wasn’t really interested in his opinion so what really went down was (I’m the one with the green coloured messages:

Whatsapp Instagram Video

Martin likes to be motivated with ‘it’s about time’. At least that what I think motivates him ?.

Click here to view the video

Pretty cool, ey?

Anyways, Martin uploaded the video to Instagram, and we noticed we can’t change the thumbnail, so all people see of the post is a purple background. No one is gonna click on that, right?

Wrong, according to Instagram, the video got played 327 times! That’s a crazy amount.

Hmmm, maybe we should post more video’s next week?


I think it’s safe to say we need to post more frequently. 2 posts a week is going to get us any closer to the goal we want to reach.

Video’s score well in terms of views but as of yet, hasn’t done anything substantial in terms of website visits.

Signing up to Canva and Biteable has cost us money, but I believe it’s well worth it because it’s saving us (Martin) a lot of time designing stuff.

I guess that was it for this weeks’ update.



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