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Building an Instagram Audience – Week 1

For many years we’ve been active with a business account on Facebook, Google My Business and LinkedIN. There’s one social media channel we never used and that’s Instagram. Until a few a weeks ago.

In this series of weekly updates, we will share what we are doing to build a community for a digital agency like our own. Today, I will explain how we set up Instagram and the results.

Setting up Instagram

You can follow the setup by clicking on this link.

Make sure you select the business profile. Selecting the business profile will offer statistics amounts other extra’s you might like.

Once you’ve set everything up, it’s time to ‘pimp’ up your profile.

Instagram Profile1

Instagram Profile

I prefer to set the profile up from my desktop instead of playing around on my iPhone. It’s entirely up to you.

Besides selecting your name and username (which is what the audience will see) don’t forget to add your website address.

When I created the account I added a direct link to our homepage (https://www.innotrends.nl).

A few days after I launched Instagram, we posted an image to promote our free website and SEO audit.

We then found out; you can’t just add a link in the post pointing to the specific landing page we created. This is why I’m not too fond of Instagram 😀

A buddy of mine suggested to change the url in the profile page from https://www.innotrends.nl to www.innotrends.nl/free-website-audit.

Let’s assume, next week we’ll have something else to promote – I will change the profile URL once again, pointing to the landing page. It’s a nuisance, but oh well, it’s a workaround that seems to do the job.

Next, we made changes to our logo. Our logo is textual – we didn’t have any form of design (look at the top of this page). You can imagine our brand name wasn’t readable as an Instagram logo. I created a new logo with an iOS app I purchased a few years back: InstaLogo.

This is the logo I created – simple yet recognisable for Instagram. My partner was also happy with the result, so I swapped our Facebook, Fav Icon for this website and Instagram icon to this one below.

I know this is the basics of building a brand, but I just never bothered to do anything related to brand building.


Growing your Instagram audience

If you have a Facebook business account, you can connect the two. You can then invite your Facebook audience to your Instagram account.

In our case, I invited a bunch of people, and about 50 of them started following us, which is a great way to begin. The only ‘problem’ is they’re already following you on Facebook. There’s no real benefit other than a few new followers.

We then followed other related companies and hashtags by searching for conversion rate optimisation, landing pages and a few more terms which are relevant to us.

We selected just a few to follow because we want to understand what works in terms of post types. By adding a few hundred hashtags and groups, you will notice a lot of clutter and bloat. We prevented this by selecting carefully.

Once we selected a few accounts and hashtags to follow, we replied to some of the posts. We don’t just reply with a smiley or like, but we added some of our thoughts.

I noticed, especially after replying with some thoughts and insights the amount of following people, increased.

We now have 74 followers (October 9th 2019), and we’re following 24 groups.

Without knowing the value of these new followers, we’ve managed to attract 74 potential clients; we didn’t have a week ago. How cool is that?

Seeing daily increases of followers becomes addictive. It’s just so cool to see happening.

Instagram Followers


Instagram Posts

Now we have an audience it’s time to post. What we found out is, it can take a while to create something Instagram-able such as a design and the text. The other issue is, we don’t know what type of content will work. Which type of content will help improve our conversions? What we’re doing now is ‘shooting with hail’ (generalist) to shooting posts as ‘sniper bullets’ (specific content for our audience).

This strategy will take some time and plenty of testing. The audience will grow, and over time, insights are subject to change. This is why we will share our weekly findings in new posts.

In the first week, we created these posts.

Shared Instagram Posts

Instagram Analytics

The one thing I don’t like is the fact that you can’t view the analytics by logging into your account from a laptop or desktop. You can only view the official Instagram analytics by logging into your account from the app, clicking on the navigation button (top right).

You will see the basic statistics such as activity, clicks to your website and pageviews. You won’t get to see any audience insights until we’ve reached at least 100 followers. Maybe you would like to follow us and help us reach 100 followers by next week?

Instagram Analytics

We also use Google Analytics to monitor our traffic. I think GA is much better than the very basic information you get from Instagram. We just started this journey. Who knows, we might get access to more analytics once we have more followers.

In the statistic below, you see what Google Analytics has tracked. Today’s October 9th and we can see Instagram hasn’t generated any clicks besides October 2nd and October 3rd. The days we didn’t post anything, we just replied to a few posts.

Google Analytics Instagram

So there you have it, this is our first post about our Instagram channel. I hope this first post will help you create an additional channel to get more visitors to visit your site.

Please don’t forget to follow us on instagram – we profoundly appreciate your support.

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