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Lately, our clients are asking us increasingly about sales and marketing funnels.

The foremost reason for this request is because they have learned that creating sales and marketing funnels will help boost sales.

But, to no surprise, what most clients really mean by a sales funnel is a well-designed landing page or lead magnet.

In this article, I’m going to explain what a sales and marketing funnel entails and I’m even going to share a service with you which will rock your boat.

Recap: What are sales funnels?

If you’ve never heard about sales or marketing funnels, you can read our other blog posts here.

A sales funnel is best described as:

A step-by-step process that allows you to bring your potential customer one step closer to your offer and a buying decision.

The buying decision is influenced by the content you produce, such as videos, newsletters, blog articles, social media and landing pages.

There are four major steps all potential customers follow, subconsciously. By being aware of these four major steps (we believe this should be 7), you can carefully plan your campaign much better

Sales funnels are all around us

You may not have realised, but sales funnels are all around us. Especially the larger companies have hundreds of sales funnels.

Pay attention the next time you walk into any supermarket. Just passed the entrance I bet you can spot a bunch of sales funnels.

Leadgen Whitepaper

“Buy two, and get one free”, “Spend €100 and get a free frying pan” to name a few.

Ordinary folk won’t say “Wow, this one heck of sales funnel”. Nope, we’ll say “Wow, this is one heck of a deal”.

Discounts are sales funnels. 

The mistake some marketers make is to focus on the landing page designs and the text.

When in fact the effective sales funnels have been thought-out properly, sometimes even tested with eye-tracking tools.

I always preach to my clients – 90% of the time is needed for the thinking process, 10% for the execution of a plan.

With “execution of the plan” I mean, creating the landing pages, newsletter automation, flyers, ads, A/B split testing and monitoring statistics.

Thinking process

As mentioned before, 90% of your time should be invested in the thinking stage.

Because successful funnels are all about building trust and you can’t win trust with a wink of an eye.

Before you even begin about designing a sales or marketing funnel, consider answering these questions first:

  1. Who’s the target audience you want to reach (demographics)?
  2. Where are they (social media, search engines, newsletters)?
  3. Am I selling a solution that will solve my audiences ‘problems’?
  4. How do I create a sense of urgency and scarcity?
  5. What’s the difference about my offer or solution?
  6. What copywriting fits best for the target audience?
  7. How’s the customer going to pay?

Once you’ve answered the questions you can continue to the following step and that’s what I like to refer to as our FunnelSimulator.

Sales Funnel
Click to enlarge

This is the funnel simulator and visualises the users and the paths they may select during the sales funnel process.

At each path, there’s a yes or no icon. With each Yes icon, you can see I punched the expected conversion rates for this specific campaign.

What’s interesting here is, in most cases, the marketer will acquire traffic and only think about the visitors saying “yes” to the offer. At best they then go into ‘hope’ mode, hoping the user won’t drop out.

innotrends doesn’t stop there, as you can see in our flow. We go the extra mile for the people that declined the offer.

Instead of giving the drop-outs a virtual “Good-Bye” and throwing away your marketing spend, we try to interest the nay’s into yay by offering a free webinar.

This could be a free e-book, a free consult, or whatever you can think about.

Statistics and user cases have proven it’s possible to get the initial drop-outs back where we want them, in the ordering flow.

We wouldn’t improve our clients’ Average Order Value if we didn’t add an upsell product for clients that decided to buy.

So, if you look at this visual: you can say we’ve thought about converting as many people as possible. Therefore ensuring we are maximising the amount of revenue potential.

This tactic makes clients very happy because this proves you’re thinking about their wallet. Not just yours.

Creating Sales Funnels

Let’s say you’re not very technical and not that great with designs; we might have found a life-saver solution for you.

Meet FunnelPacks (we’re not affiliated with them, nor do we receive kickbacks for this mention).

I haven’t met the owners face to face, but I’ve spoken with co-owner Matt Davies, and he’s something else. A real gentleman.

He’s earned his credits in the digital agency world and knows what he’s talking about when it comes to sales funnels.

Anyways, FunnelPacks create ready-made funnels for WordPress websites. If you use Elementor, Divi or Beaver page builder, you can implement the templates.

All you’ll need to do is modify a few lines of text such as your contact details.

FunnelPacks pushes new templates for different types of agencies such as Webdesign, SEO, Email Marketing, E-commerce, Social Media Marketing.

So, if you want to save yourself some time and hassle, head on over to FunnelPacks.


Don’t just create a landing page and get into pray-mode.

Carefully think and re-think who your audience is and what will help them become happy clients.

Don’t worry if you see that the majority of your clients won’t initially go for the deal. There are two things you can do to solve that issue.

  1. Make sure you have a plan B such as a free e-book (you need to win their trust)
  2. Make some editorial changes to your landing page

If that doesn’t work, then it would be good to re-assess your product, pricing and competition.

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