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5 Ways To Generate Leads (Number 2 Is Our Favourite)

Forget about your service or product for a moment while you read this article.

Even if you have the best product in the world, your business will die if no one knows about it.

Many startups fail within the first three to five years because of overspending on internal stuff such as salaries, hard and software, office space, and so on. The majority of these failed companies have a lot in common. They forgot about their potential customers. They failed to generate leads. Most of the failed startups were busily perfecting their product. They forgot about reaching out to clients.

Generating leads is the fastest and most effective way to keep your business alive and kicking. Generating leads is all about outbound-marketing.

Today I’m going to share a list of lead generating ideas which won’t cost you a nickel. All you have to do is follow the list, spend time implementing the plans, have some patience and consistency.

Let’s unpack the smart and 100% free lead generating opportunities for your business you can utilise today.
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1. LinkedIn

We all know LinkedIn is the business social network platform preferred by millions of professionals. Since a couple of years ago, LinkedIn added the possibility to share content. You can share video’s, your blog posts, slide-decks. Just about anything you want, is shareable on LinkedIn.

Because it’s a social network for professionals, you should consider carefully what type of content is appropriate for LinkedIn.

I have written posts, and they didn’t do too well because I stuffed the article with technical jargon. So head on over to LinkedIn and post 2-3 times a week. With a few months, maybe even within a few weeks, you will see people from outside of your network are reading your content. Don’t forget to add your contact details.

The example below is of an infographic I posted on LinkedIn. It generated 20 views (that’s not many), but three people clicked to the site, and one has since then contacted us. Can you image creating what your visitors and contact requests will be if you post 50 like these?

Linkedin Content

2. Comment on blogs and social media

Whatever you sell, there are blogs and social media groups you can join. These facebook groups and related blogs are always open for comments by professionals. All you have to do is be helpful, kind and people will eventually want to know what you have to offer by visiting your website.

People will see you’re knowledgeable and willing to help others out by answering their questions. Come to think of it; this is how I found my accountant. In a tax-related forum, I asked a question, within a few minutes he replied and I saw he replied too many others in a friendly manner.

A few days later I called him, and he’s been my account for more than ten years now. The interesting part of this personal story is, he was genuinely there to help people. He has sufficient clients, and he wasn’t looking for any more. Because we had a nice and interesting call, he made an exception. It’s true because after we contacted each other, he replied to others that he couldn’t take on new clients.

3. Email marketing

Some say email marketing is a total nightmare because of GDPR (privacy laws), but it isn’t as long as you keep to the law, you’re ok.
However, to use email as a lead generator you will need to have content for people to read.

So start blogging, create content and who knows, maybe you’ll even come to enjoy sharing your knowledge with your audience. We started a few weeks ago promoting our newsletter, and since then we’ve had 47 people, we never heard of before, signup. How cool!
Here’s a link to register for our monthly newsletter, should you want to become number 48.

4. Offer something irresistible for free

We all like gifts, don’t we. Well, I love gifts, and if the gift is useful, I will sign up within a heart-beat. I will only signup to a gift if I feel the company is trustworthy. I won’t signup for newsletters of free tools if the site looks a mess either. So if you have something to offer for free, then you could consider offering it.

My free offer to my visitors, yes – that’s you included, was a free technical website and SEO analysis. I already paid for the software, and it doesn’t matter if I use it for one site or a thousand.

The difference with my free offer is the following. If you search on Google for a free website audit chances are there are thousands of companies you can choose from. So, offering an audit for free won’t cut it.

The problem with these audits are, most entrepreneurs will read the report and have no clue what the issues are nor how to solve them. So, to sweeten up the ‘deal’, I offer to create a personalised video while I go through the report. During this customised video, I explain what each issue is, and in most cases, I can tell how to solve it.

This approach is the difference between giving something away that makes sense because it’s beneficial to the client, and they can implement the advice right away.  There’s no other catch to this offer. But I can share with you, most clients share other issues they are dealing with such as lead generation conversions or they need some help improving their average order value, conversion rates. You name it.

Free Audit

5. Add a quiz or survey to your blog

Posting a quiz or survey will help your content more engaging. Depending on the questions you’re asking, the answers will help you improve your product or service. Don’t forget to give something in return if they share their details with you.  Just like the quiz below (which isn’t a functional demo):

    1. Do find the content valuable?

Not sure

    1. Would you like to receive our blogs in a daily newsletter?

Once a month is fine

    1. Would you like a free SEO audit

Yes, please
Maybe in the future

If you’ve selected to have a free SEO audit, please visit:
https://www.innotrends.nl/free-website-audit/ and register.

Thank you



Generating leads is vital for all businesses alike. There are many ways of generating leads, but they all require time, dedication and persistence. My manager once told me “there are no shortcuts to success” and it’s entirely true. I hope this post has offered some new insights on how to generate leads. As always, feel free to comment down below or contact me directly.


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