No more third-party cookies? Don’t worry!

28 Dec, 2020
28 Dec, 2020

No more third-party cookies? Don’t worry!

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Third-party browser tracking is dead for some time now yet marketers are finding new ways to acquire more customers.

Marketers relied on third-party cookies probably before most of them where even born. Third-party cookies tracked online consumer behaviour and based on the behaviour ads where presented.

Apple has always held privacy high and by blocking these third-party cookies in their Safari browsers, many other browsers decided to follow. Firefox was second in line to block the cookies and even Google Chrome has stopped those pesky cookies from tracking your every move.

Obviously this has called for a change in the way digital advertising will stay as effective as it was, for the marketer. One of the ‘new’ ways of advertising is:

Contextual advertising

So, today contextual advertising is back from the dead. Yes, years ago contextual advertising was the norm.

Contextual advertising is nothing other than showing ads based on the content the website has to offer. Let’s say you have visited a website about Apple computers. You will now only see relevant ads such as the latest iMac or iPhone. Gone are the days you will see ads such as the latest Dyson hairdryer because you searched for this product, in the past.

Because browsers block third-party cookies marketers have found a ‘new and innovative’ way to advertise without third-party cookies. I wonder if they realise we advertised this way back when they where still in diapers 😀

Lead Generation

There are a few other smart advertising models available now without relying on those pesky third-party cookies but let’s not forget the simplest of them all. Yes, you’ve got it – Lead Generation. We’re pretty convinced lead generation is one of the most effective ways to advertise nowadays and there’s no cookies needed.

All you need to do is to make sure you follow the leads up properly and for this you can use automation tools.


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