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Save 2 hours and get a free Google Data Studio template

In this article I will help you save at least 1 hour a day by sharing a Google Data Studio template for free.

Managing your Google Analytics has always been a mental challenge for most marketers. There’s just so much data available and for a normal human is just too much to grasp.

To make matters worse, most companies I’ve have met have no clue which metrics should be measured.
I’ve met digital marketeers with job titles as Online Marketing Specialist and they’ve never logged into a metrics system such as Google Analytics.

I know, it’s sad. But as soon as I ask the marketing specialist what are the goals of the company they kind of freeze up as well. So, how can you manage the performance of a site when you haven’t decided what’s important for your company to succeed?

What is Google Data Studio?

Google Data Studio is a free Google tool which lets you create an analytics report with the information that is specially important to you.

For each of my clients I create a template which makes it easier for them to understand what’s going on with their business.

All they need to do is click on a link (I ask them to bookmark it and add it to their favourites) and they have access to the data that is most important to them.

To give you an example: One of my clients finds it important to know from which parts of the country people are ordering his products.

Once we have this information it will help me advise how to increase conversions for his advertising (print and online).

Because if we know most of our orders are coming from a specific area it could be interesting to invest some more advertising budget or the other way around, invest more markering spend in the areas which are below average.

But there’s more: Not only can you import your Google Analytics data, you can also import from other sources such as facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Youtube, Paypal and many more other sources.

Google Data Studio has therefore become one of the best free tools on the block. It’s great because using Google Data Studio will save you time and best of all using it will help identify potential conversion improvements.

How to Access Google Data Studio

All you need to do is visit https://www.google.com/analytics/data-studio and login with your Google Analytics account information.

Google Data Studio


Once you’ve signed-up or logged in you will see some sample template reports which will help you create you custom reports. But the best part of Google Data Studio is by creating custom reports.

Now just before I dig into how to create a custom report I’ll let you in a little secret if you’re running a media agency, like me.

I’ve created just one single custom report and have added the most vital information any site owner would want to know.

In fact I’ve split the data into 3 separate pages. The Copy report tool saves time in re-creating the dashboard for each and every client you may have.

But as I said I personalise the data reports so I’ll add additional pages, after the first 3, to cater the clients need. But I don’t stop there. I split the data reports into need to know and nice to know pages. This way it’s very clear to the client which reports he or she should be monitoring besides the basics.

Because I build my client reports the way I do this procedure saves me a lot of time.

If you want more information how to use Google Data Studio, please check out this video

Free report templates

As promised here are some great examples of free datastudio templates.

For some strange reason my templates aren’t shareable – I’m going to look into this but in the meantime here are some good templates for you to copy and use.





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