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5 easy to follow steps to improve lead generation

Many businesses are struggling to generate useful leads, and because of this fact, these same businesses throw their lead, generating efforts overboard.

In this blog post, I’m going to point out five easy to follow steps to improve your lead generation. Oh because I’m lazy I’ll refer to lead generation as Lead Gen from now on, ok?

Website owners produce gigantic amounts of content for us to read. Whether the material is written, video or podcast, it’s all content, and this content is, in most cases, beneficial.

But once the content writer has produced a masterpiece, the second issue arises. How will the content be shared with the world?

    1. Create user funnels

There’s nothing more annoying than spending hours on end creating a masterpiece of content only to find a handful of readers reading your content and leaving your site never to return.

Sadly enough, I’m very experienced in the field of offering decent content only to see visitors consuming my hard work and pissing off.

The users that read the content virtually said “thank-you”, and now we’re don’t need you any more.

Which is ok them but I also need to make a living.

Leadgen Whitepaper

Because I’m not a great writer and was busy with clients, I hired a copywriter. He wrote five fresh articles for me a week.

It was great: many new visitors, but what I realized after a few months on I wasn’t doing anything to attract them to sign up, become a lead, Nothing at all.

Looking back, how stupid was I. On the other hand – I learn from my mistakes.

I started to read articles on how to target the right visitor, improve engagement and conversions and to work smarter by using marketing tools.

All very interesting and some of the articles provided valuable insights.

But hardly none of these articles focussed where you should start when diving into Lead Gen.

Most of the articles provided tactics on how to ‘bribe’ the user to sign up to something.

Because I’m not in the bribing business, it didn’t feel right to read on.

So I thought hard how to generate qualified leads and offer something super beneficial for my beloved visitors?

I am always full of ideas, and while it was tempting to start redesigning my site, my offering and start blogging again, I forced myself to stop.

I decided to take it ‘slow’ and figure out how I would want my visitors to engage with my content.

How am I going to turn them into qualified leads, after reading my content?

And when they become a lead, what’s the plan going to be then? What can I promise to deliver them?

Can I commit myself to meet these requirements?

Generating leads sounds excellent, and some companies make you want to believe it’s easy, because anyone can do it, but generating leads isn’t easy at all.

You really need to invest time, effort and maybe even some cash to get things rolling.

So here’s how I started out:

First of all, as you read above I invested time into thinking of a strategy.

A decent strategy is best if scribbled on a piece of paper.

There’s no need for a 100 page document.

But the strategy document is important because it helps you remember your masterplan.

Next I created a Lead Gen flow which visualises the entire process of my users.

In the flow chart below you see the users scenario ‘describing’ what happens when a from Facebook user clicked on a paid Facebook ad.

The facebooker clicks on the ad and is directed to my ‘problem describing’ opt-in page.

My estimate is 20% will signup directly and will see the ‘Thank You’ page.

80% will drop out. (I also have a scenario drawn out how to engage the drop-outs).

The 20% group that signed up to my e-book will then fall into the next scenario’s. Just follow the rabbits’ trail.

I have a licence for Geru to create these funnels.

  • What are you offering the user to share the details

Your visitors may or may have visited your site for the very first time.

For a new visitor to share their name and email with you isn’t a natural step to take.

However, if you offer something worthwhile, the visitor will consider sharing their details.

The new visitor will only sign-up to your service or download your free e-book if they trust you.

If they don’t trust you, your product can be the best there is on the planet; they will never sign up.

You should see a sign-up as a ‘vote of trust’ by your visitors.

So, what is it you should offer which will improve your Lead Gen conversion rate?

I advise my clients if they’re offering content such as e-books, white-papers, and so on to make sure it’s as evergreen as possible.

You don’t want to create an e-book you need to edit every two weeks. Try to create content which lasts at least six months.

If you’re into offering discounts, make sure the discount is time-limited and only provide a discount once or twice a year.

You want to prevent people from signing up because they think next week the deal will be even better.

  • Improve existing content written by other bloggers

Chances are some other smarty pants already has published an article on the very subject you are going to write about.

Google the subject and try and find the most recent articles and read them.

Take notes of these insights, and if you want to create a masterpiece article, challenge their conclusions.

Not only will your article of blog post become more attractive, but you will also probably notice people will value your new insights.

Once people value your masterpiece, chances to improve these same people will want to sign up to your newsletter or want more information about your service.

If you’re ‘competitor’ blogs, offer 10 tips to improve SEO, writing another blog with 10 SEO tips won’t convince potential readers to read your article.

Especially if the competitor is a well-known brand.

They are trusted by the readers, you still need to earn trust.

Chances they’ll select your post is slim. But, let’s say you write an article with 39 SEO tips.

The user will most likely prefer reading one article, so why read 1 article with ‘just’ 10 SEO tips instead of your holy grail of 39 SEO tips.

Should the user feel disappointed in your 39 SEO tips, they’ll click away and then read the 10 SEO tips by the competitor.

Make sure to add a few lead magnets between the articles’ content just like my one below to download my free e-book.

  • Create compelling lead magnets

Huh, what’s a Lead Magnet?

Lead Magnets is nothing other than offering something irresistible your visitor are willing to share their contact information for.

The goal of a Lead Magnet is to maximise the number of qualified leads who are interested in your offer, newsletter of e-book.

The most effective type of Lead Magnets is solving a specific problem which will be explained how to solve within a few minutes of reading time.

Cheat Sheets, Checklists, Video Training, Podcasts, Free Trials are other forms of very effective incentives for a perfect Lead Magnet.

  • Marketing automation

In the good ole days you’d at best have a newsletter signup form on your site connect to software such as MailChimp.

You’d send a weekly newsletter hoping this would deliver the results you are looking for.

As you can see with thousands of visitors and newsletter signups managing large amounts of users can be cumbersome to the point you freak out.

Thankfully there’s automation software which will take care of your leads and potential customers.

Personally I use ActiveCampaign. Why?

Well, I like the cloud based solution, the ease of setting up lead funnels and the systems is well integrated with the WordPress page builder I have come to love: Elementor.


Creating quality leads isn’t as easy as some marketing companies will try to make you believe.

Many hours of planning, creating content, analysing data, optimizing your conversion rates.

You need to build credibility with your visitors for them to sign up.

Last but not least, trust fades pretty fast if you don’t meet to the expectations of offering good quality content.

If you want more advice please hit me up or comment below

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