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Easy Ways to Increase Traffic to Your Website

Ask any marketer or business owner what they’d want for their business to succeed, and they’ll tell you “more visitors”, “more customers” and “more sales”.
Today I am going to share a bunch of free and easy to follow tips which will help you create blog content. Keep this up for a few weeks, and you’ll see your visitors grow.
It doesn’t matter if you sell products or services. Follow my strategy, free tools and idea’s, and you will succeed in generating new visitors. There’s no doubt about it.

Blog, blog and then blog some more

I know you’ve probably read this advice on many other sites, but I will be sharing free and tools which will help you succeed. Blogging about your niche, products or service will attract visitors. You don’t even need to be an SEO expert to optimize your content either. All you need to do is write compelling content your audience would like and want to read. Just like I’m doing now. I’m writing this content with specific goals in mind, and those goals are to attract new visitors, keep my current clients happy and last but not least, learn new insights for myself.
I don’t just write content because I love spending time writing. Nope, I create content because it forces me personally to investigate new tactics, strategies and helps me find new tools and services which will save me a lot of time and hassle.

To create exciting content I will share the tools I use to create new content, the way I produce content and I will show you that creating content does deliver new visitors.
The biggest hurdle you have to overcome is what you’re going to write about. To do that you will need to have a general idea what your audience is searching answers for. Let’s say there are hardly any people searching how to increase traffic for your website then you can expect low visitors. On the other hand, if many people search for increasing website traffic, chances are visitors will find your article.
So step 1 is: Decide what you’re going to write about.

To solve this problem, there’s a free tool you probably never realized it would help you find the right topics. This free tool is named Google.
What you do is a search for a topic such as the one I entered: We improve results with the visitors already visiting your site. You should then see People also ask results like the screenshot below.

Google People Also Ask


Think for a moment – what’s happening here. Google is helping you filter the results by assisting you with topics other people have searched for. As soon as you click on one of the subjects, you’ll see at the bottom of the list, and Google added three new results. Those three results are more specific to the question you searched. You can click endlessly, and Google will provide you with the most relevant topics.
We use search engines because we need solutions or answers for any question we may have. And as you are well aware, there are many sites on the planet, so the chances are you will have competition.
Unless you’re some big well-known brand, you need to ‘persuade’ the visitor to click on your article. The only way to that is to create eye-catching headlines.

Headline Generator

In case you’re out of idea’s or need some inspiration there are free tools which generate really good headlines for you. All you need to do is add your subject and some other fields and the generator will create a bunch of headlines for you. Head over to this website: Headine Generator for increasing conversions. Isn’t it amazing and super easy to use? I just love this tool. It’s been a life saver for me personally.


Emotion sells or not?

There are a few ways we humans make decisions. Some are rational, and others are emotional.
You need to understand the difference because knowing the difference will help you create content people will continue to read. So here goes:
Rational decisions are made when individuals use analysis, facts and a step-by-step process to conclude.
Example: I want to buy a new Mac Book Pro instead of Dell computer because Mac Book Pro’s perform better, look better and have a longer life expectancy.
Emotional decisions are made when individuals dig into their emotions, throw away the logical and rational facts, and make a decision based on their gut feeling.
Example: I’m going to buy a new Mac Book Pro because using a Mac Book Pro makes me feel better.

There are many studies and theories which type of decision-making theory will work best for advertising. I believe decision making isn’t based on one or the other. I think decision making is a combination of both types. Let’s go back to the example of the Mac Book Pro.

I know I want the Mac Book Pro because it makes me feel good (emotional decision) but am I ready to spend more than $1200 for a laptop (rational decision)?
In some cases, the emotional side will prevail, and in some cases, the rational camp will win.

I’m explaining this into detail because if you know the type of visitors who are going to read your content, you should be aware of what kind of decision making you’re going to target.
If it’s the emotional decision making you’re going to target, the specs of the Mac Book Pro is less critical. You should mention it, but I’d emphasise the emotional sides in my article. I’d add images of people with their super good looking Mac Book. What about taking a picture of a classroom full of depressed students working on their ugly looking laptops. Then have that beautiful looking Mac Book with that lit up Apple logo shine with a smiling student.

Emotional Titles Analyzer

I found a great tool which will analyze your title you selected with the KickAss Headline Generator
This free tool will analyze your headline to determine the Emotional Marketing Value (EMV) score. As you now know, reaching your customers profoundly and emotionally is a key to successful copywriting, and your headline is unquestionably the most important piece of copy you use to reach prospects. Click here for the EMV tool


Write compelling content

Now you have a title and have checked it with the Emotional Marketing Value it’s about time to create content.
I’m not a professional writer at all, and you may have noticed. My mother-tongue isn’t English either but what helps me to write content is to create my sub-headings first.
It’s much easier to create a few headlines and then produces content below the headlines. You can see the sub-headings as guidelines keeping your article relevant.

Let’s go back to the fictive emotional decision-based article I writing about the newest Mac Book Pro.

First, I have the headline generator help me create a compelling title, then I check it with the EMV tool. Once I have the headline in place, I create headings for my article. The heading is the essential bits of information I want to share why you should consider buying the Mac Book Pro. Headlines need to relate to the title of the article. The content below the headlines is related to that headline.

Let me explain how this works.

Title: Why the Apple MacBook Pro Makes Me Feel Great

Header 1: The design makes me stand out
Header 2: The confidence the MBP provides for me
Header 3: It just helps me feel better about myself

95% of the article is based on emotional decision making, and only 5%will support my emotion with facts such as speed, the screen, amount of nits, macOS, and so on.


There you have it; a perfect and unique blog post people will want to read. Apple fans and Apple haters will comment; you can be sure of it.
But if you look at these comments, they’re mostly fact-based. They won’t talk about the emotional side unless they agree with you. It’s simple really, it’s you that feels this way about the new Mac Book Pro, and there’s no-one that can tell you not to feel that way about the new MBP. All the haters can do is challenge you about the rational facts. The haters or people that disagree will never ‘win’ a debate when the discussion is emotionally driven.

Happy writing folks, and if you have some cool tools, please share in the comments below.

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