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1001 ways to sell more e-commerce products without spending money

There are millions of blogs out there trying to rank the top spot in the search engines sharing examples making selling e-commerce products look easy. Yes, most of the tips are correct but what they often don’t tell you is that it can take ages to improve sales.

These blogs often forget to mention their success started ten years or fifteen years ago when the competition was low. However, being an early adapter doesn’t guarantee success either. To stay number 1, you need to work extremely hard. Especially when running an e-commerce business. You have worldwide competition, and your store is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The ‘How to become rich in minutes’ type of blogs

There are millions of articles about how to improve your sales. Some are written in good faith, but I’ve found some can make you feel idiotic.

The manner these articles are written make everything seem super easy to do. This is because most blogs, including my own, are extremely generalist. Articles, stacked with tools and how to do’s are great. The problem most readers have is implementing the given advice because of a multitude of issues — lack of time, technical and analytical skills, to name a few.

The lack of one or more of the above skills is where most people get fed up, frustrated and in the end, drop the ball and eventually close shop.

Unlimited ways to sell more e-commerce products online

Starting an e-commerce store has become much easier and pretty cheap. Just think about it. You can download WordPress, install WooCommerce add a bunch of products, adjust a bunch of settings, some testing and you’re done. To sweeten it all up, there are a bunch of YouTubers such as Ferdy Korpershoek explaining into detail how to create an e-commerce store. You can also decide to go with ready-made solutions such as Shopify.

Whatever solution you choose the real hard work starts once you’ve launched your e-commerce store.

It’s that point when you’re happy and want to tell everybody about your new store only to find, no-one cares.

The next most significant problem you’ll run into is getting visitors to come and visit your store. Now, this is where it becomes tricky because there are millions of blogs that explain how to generate thousands of visitors. However, in reality, for most of us mortals, it just won’t happen.

You may wonder if I’m pessimistic here or even sarcastic, but I’m not. These bloggers are explaining different possibilities you should improve, which will solve your visitor problems. However, when they show off their Google Analytics screenshots, it’s then when you may have that WTF moment.

What you have to understand is, bloggers won’t typically write about their failures and mess-ups. They will stuff their blogs full of analytics screenshots proving how great they are. If that were the case for these millions of bloggers how come they’re sharing this inside information. Have they all become philanthropists?

There are a few guys I know that are equally candid about their mistakes and successes, and those guys are Neil Patel and Miles Beckler. I admire these guys, they create valuable content, spend hours on end explaining how to do things the right way and they are successful. Sure they create content to win new clients, and there’s nothing wrong with that. It’s a business. However, I find these two lads extremely genuine.

Neil and Miles have a lot in common. They all started on their own, they’re self-taught and they, until today spend hours on end creating their brands into worldwide labels. Their dedication and commitment are amazing.

Dedication and focus is the real winner

We all have competitors, no matter what you sell online. There is always going to be a bunch of other e-commerce sites selling the same product as you are. Even if you’re a photographer selling pictures of unique landscapes. There’s always going to be more photographers selling snaps of unique landscapes. You will need to find ways to attract visitors to your site.

If you want to beat the ‘enemy’, you will need to figure out what you can do better than them. It’s simple as this. Let’s say they sell photos, and by checking their site you conclude, they don’t have pictures of horses. Well, there you have it. Take pictures of horses. It’s this simple

Because you now have a bunch of horse photos, you can optimise your page dedicated to horses. You will see your traffic grow. You can create a social media group and Instagram dedicated to horse pictures. Believe me, if you like photos of horses, there’s always a group of people in the world that share the same hobby.

Let’s say you create a facebook group about horse pictures; it will take a few weeks before people eventually find you. If you create an Instagram account dedicated to horse imagery, how long do you suppose it will take until people from all over the world will share your passion?

Just by generating audiences with these free and easy to use tools, you can boost traffic to your shop. Let me tell you; it beats advertising by far. You think SEO is your main visitor attraction; you’re mistaken. Once your facebook and Instagram community grow, you won’t think twice about which keyword to use in your meta tags. You won’t need to worry about your SEO.

So all you have to do to succeed is try and figure out what your competitors are doing and what you could be doing better.

There’s a word for this, and it’s RESEARCH.

Running a successful e-commerce store takes time

I  regularly speak with e-commerce store owners, and when we get into the nitty-gritty about improving sales some reply, they don’t have enough time. They know they can do better; they are fully aware of the imperfections of their site and service. How depressing this can be.

It’s even more depressing when blogs are stating how easy it is to generate thousands of visitors just by following a few steps. The reality is different, and you’re probably reading this because you’re experiencing this reality.

Although innotrends doesn’t run, its e-commerce store, my roots do lie in e-commerce. I’ve worked for global e-commerce companies since 2000. My primary job has always been related to optimising revenue, improving customer experience and improving conversions.

I can therefore share, having worked with multi-million e-commerce stores running an e-commerce store isn’t for the faint-hearted.

Research your competition, like the horse photos example I supplied. Don’t worry about SEO or what font looks better for your site, create social media groups where like-minded will eventually find you. In the end, they will be the type of visitors you want anyway.

Good luck guys




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