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How to Generate Leads For Your Online Business

Any digital marketer has a global idea of how to generate leads, but without a proper strategy, most lead-gen campaigns aren’t as effective as they can be.

So let’s dive into the most important funnel you’ll ever need.

The sales funnel

Before you start any campaign, you need to understand your visitors. Understanding your visitors will immensely increase the effectiveness of your lead generation campaign.

We’re all individuals and that’s great but when it comes to our buying or orientating proces we all follow, sometimes, subconsciously logical steps.

These logical steps are what we call a marketing or sales funnel. In this easy to understand sales and marketing funnel, the visitor journey will become much more transparent for you.
Understanding this model will help improve your marketing, sales and nurturing campaigns.
Sales Markerting Funnel

The great thing about the sales funnel is, it doesn’t matter what type of visitor your are or what product, service or solution you are trying to sell. Every visitor ‘walks’ through the same funnel. They all consider, they all evaluate and hopefully a bunch of them will eventually purchase. The only difference is that each visitor may have a different intent, and their evaluation is unique, and for one visitor, the evaluation period will take longer than others. Other than that most of the funnel is pretty uniform for all potential customers alike.  So let’s dive into the funnel.


The awareness stage is where your prospects learn about your solution, product or service. Normally customers become aware of your solution after viewing an advertisement such as a Google Ad, Facebook Ad or maybe even an ad on TV. Don’t forget: this doesn’t have to be your ad either. I love it when other agencies advertise themselves silly about how great their product is only to have potential visitors become aware of the problem. I’ve had customers calling me about optimising their conversion rates after hearing a radio ad. They then searched online and found me instead. How cool is that?

Leadgen Whitepaper

The awareness stage is usually the most expensive in terms of advertising. You’re shooting blanks because you need to reach a large group of potentials, but only a low percentage will have their interest triggered. Yes, with Google Adwords, Facebook Ads and most digital advertising, you can segment visitors based on past interests. But this says nothing about their current interest. So be careful making the wrong assumptions.

So let’s say you’ve advertised or buffed up your SEO and people visit your site what you want to do then is increase their interest. So let’s go to the next stage:


Maybe your ad or maybe your SEO has helped potential visitors find your site. At this stage, the user is actively looking for one or more solutions to their problem. They want to achieve goals they aren’t reaching at the moment. Your strategy on how to increase their interest differs per business owner. Some may offer interesting content such as a blog, and others may offer a great price for a product and others may offer extended guarantees for a product. In any case, in this stage, you want to increase the users’ interest because if they stay interested, they will follow the next stage, which is the consideration phase.


So your potential client is super interested, you’ve managed to explain why your product, service or solution is the best choice. Super. But now comes the point where the visitors’ consideration kicks in.

Is this the right product? Will this service solve my problems? In other words, it’s question time, and questions in a sales process also mean DOUBTS. Yes, people doubt a lot. It makes sense, just a few moments ago this visitor never heard of you. A few minutes later you’re stating you can solve the most significant problems and all you need to do is, click here.

If humans purchased that easy, our visitors would buy non-stop.


To get to the intent stage prospects have demonstrated they’re interested in your product, solution or service. In this stage, the prospect is ‘willing’ to accept a strong case of why your product or solution is the best for them. You don’t have to go crazy with marketing one-liners but make sure you think this one out. If the message doesn’t fit the visitor will leave or go back one stage and re-consider. Even if you offer the best solution before a visitor becomes a client, they want to trust you. So don’t go heavy on those cheap one-liners, pop-ups and other crappy marketing tactics.


When a potential prospect walked through all of the last stages, they’re about to make the final decision whether or not to buy. You can expect some clients to have some unanswered questions about the product or service. In this case, I like to recommend a live chat functionality on your site or at the very least an email address and telephone number. You want to be there in the most critical moment before I potential client finally says YES and moves on to the purchase stage.


So you think you’re done because the client has purchased? You’re wrong but congratulations on the big sell! You’ve done it.

While regular marketers will throw a party as soon as a few sales come in, the smarter marketer will want to have new clients become their biggest brand fans. And with brand fans, I mean referrals.

Referrals are the best and most natural type of clients you can imagine. Because if I recommend, a product to one of my friend’s chances is 1000% higher he won’t walk through the funnel. He will purchase right away.

The referrer is the person that has taken care of the complete funnel for you. He’s taken care of the awareness, interest, consideration, intent and evaluation stages. He’s done that by dialogue. All you have to do is make sure you have something in place at the purchase stage that will help the new client to refer new customers.


Now, innotrends has become a solution service for digital companies to improve sales, conversions and many other good things. Which in the end, boils down to making more revenue and working less. Yes, my solutions help you improve your work-life balance.
So let’s say a client of mine asks me to help them improve sales conversions. Not long after the project is completed, I will call them. I will ask how things are going, but more specifically, I will ask them how the Average Orde Value is doing or how their SEO is holding up.

This is what you could call re-marketing. Re-marketing is used when someone has clicked on an ad for the latest iPhone11, and a week later he gets to see more ads on the iPhone 11.

Even if you’ve bought the iPhone 11, those stupid ads will repeat. How annoying.


Now you are aware of the seven sales and marketing funnels stages you are now able to improve your sales and marketing efforts accordingly.

Happy sales guys

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