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DV Canada website
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DV Canada

DVI Lighting was founded in 1968. Today, DVI is one of the major players in the residential lighting across North America.

innotrends was asked to create a new website. Besides a user friendly design we were asked to automate their product and inventory database. The inventory now gets updated 3 times a day. Unlike with the old site where staff had to update products and inventory manually on a daily basis.

SchneiderWeisse website
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Schneider Weisse

Schneider Weisse is a German beer brewer and has produced beer since 1872.

innotrends was asked to create a new design for the website in The Netherlands. We added a WooCommerce shop but added custom product fields so the brewer can add specific beer information such as alcohol percentages.

Adding custom product fields isn’t a standard functionality but we know how to get it working properly.

VCAexamens website

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VCA examens

in 2017 innotrends created a marketing websites for our client Royal PBNA. Royal PBNA sells exams for special industries such as the construction and oil industry. Passing the exams are mandatory for the target audience but PBNA has competition.

We created VCA examens has a marketing site for PBNA because PBNA has to keep its traditional look and feel as a Royal company.

VCA examens generates a welcome amount of total orders generated.

Psy Protocol website
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Psy Protocol

Bohn Stafleu & Lochem which is a part of the Springer Health Care group, the largest medical publisher in the world.

The design was created by a specialised UX agency and we where asked to develop a website based on the designs.

The result is a great looking website, easy to manage by marketing staff (they want the flexibility to amend content) without having to call us.

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Dutch based Personal Coaching Expert Roderick Timmermans asked us to create their business website including an online e-training solution

We created this website with custom made solutions in order to help the client easily manage the contents of the website without the need of broad technical knowledge.

We’re extremely proud to have been asked to create the in2coaching website and we wish Roderick and his team good business.

SmakIn website
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SmakIn St. Truiden

In Belgium located design agency Hookstone asked innotrends to develop a custom made website for one of the clients.

Their client runs a successful sandwich bar although their online sales aren’t doing well.

innotrends created the custom made shop so their clients can order what they want including toppings, drinks and even personalise each item within the order. This comes in handy when you’re ordering for an office lunch.

As a bonus we even added a Cart Recovery system that sends a personalised email to client who forgot to press that all important ‘order’ button 

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