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Are you tired optimising for Google?

In this article, I will explain why optimising your site for Google can be a total waste of time.

I will prove to you; you will get ranked even without optimising like a madman. Why? Well, because we’re indexed and we haven’t optimised at all.

I will rank you #1

Yeah, I’m sure you’ve seen these type of ads all over the place. SEO companies boasting about their SEO service has boosted their clients’ sites to the top positions in Google.

Business owners are incredibly interested in having their site positioned at the top because they believe top rankings equals sales. The companies offering SEO services tap into this because you are easy prey.

The SEO specialist (who made them a specialist anyway?) will tap into your weakness. This weakness is the belief ” “the number one spot will solve your problems ” .

Let me share a secret; Ranking high will not improve you conversions, it will not improve your revenue and for sure it won’t have you home by 5pm.

Here’s how to rank high in Search Engines

Create evergreen, well written and frequent content your audience will want to read. That’s all you need to do.

Just like this article, you are reading at the moment.

I’m writing this article for you, the reader, not for rankings. Having the Search Engines index the site and rank the content is excellent. But, do you think I track keywords and then rewrite the content, so it fits Google?

Let me share one other secret with you about rankings: Google doesn’t care as much about which keywords some will want you to believe. Don’t believe me? Read this article written by Search Engine Journal and a quote from Googles’ John Mueller.

“Another thing that I sometimes see, especially with e-commerce sites that kind of struggle with this kind of a problem is that they go to an extreme on the category page in that they include those keywords over and over and over again.

And what happens in our systems then is we look at this page and we see these keywords repeated so often on that page that we think well, something is kind of fishy with this page, with regards to these keywords, well maybe we should be more careful when we show it.”


If you, the user, get referred to sites which don’t meet your query, chances are you will ditch Google and use any other search engine which delivers more relevant results.

You may not realise this but to Search Engines you are a client. And clients generate revenue. For Search Engines this is clicking on sponsored results. So, the more clients they have, the more income they are making.

It’s in their interest to present the most trustworthy sites and not the sites with the most relevant keywords.

In the old days of SEO the webmaster could stuff their pages full of non-related keywords and still get listed.

An example: Let’s say I sell bicycles but stuffed the keywords related to horses. Chances were pretty high; I would rank for Horses and not for bikes.

Nowadays, Search Engines have ditched, ranking sites based on the keywords the webmaster selected. Search Engines are increasingly interested in monitoring what their clients ‘think’ of the website they are referring too.

They can monitor and track your clicks, so it’s relatively easy for them to analyse which sites are meeting up to their clients’ expectations.

The sites that do meet the clients’ expectations are the ones that normally rank higher.

Don’t become a search engine slave

If you are becoming a slave to search engine traffic, your business could be in serious trouble.

I once worked for a company that became a slave to the search engines and guess what; a software engineer made one small mistake in a website server file (htaccess) and the search engine stopped indexing the site.

It took more than six months to get re-indexed. The company lost a few million dollars of revenue. As a result the company was on the verge of bankruptcy.

Just recently, another company I work for. Their site got DDOS attacked. Although security precautions were taken, the DDOS managed to slow down the e-commerce site seriously. It was harming business. Fake orders, site downtime. It was horrible.

The IT guy isolated the country where the DDOS attacks were coming from but mistakenly also blocked the search engines from crawling the site. We didn’t notice this mistake until it was too late. This company lost thousands of visitors and revenue.

There you have it, two relevant examples why you don’t want to become too dependent on the Search Engines.

Don’t get me wrong here: Search Engine traffic is extremely important for any business, but it’s the SEO fetish, some have, which isn’t benefitting you at all.

Spend more time ensuring your visitors will come back by creating quality content and a technical sound site.

Improve conversions, and you won’t have to worry about which keywords to use.

I once asked one of my clients that doubted my way of thinking “Let’s say I could generate one million visitors for your site by tomorrow, would you make more sales?”

The answer was “I’m not sure”. So why is this company wasting so much time optimising SEO and spending money on ads?

Business owners should understand, more visitors aren’t the answer to your revenue problems.

All you’re doing is disappointing more visitors.

Your return on investment with SEO will backfire if you don’t tackle the real reason why you aren’t doing as well as you would like to do.

Improve conversions first!!!

Website SEO Audit

We offer website SEO audits service for free. I can offer it for free because I’ve purchased the license. It doesn’t matter if I use it for one site or three hundred.

This SEO Audit will crawl your website and report back which SEO basics you need to improve. Because you’re one of my readers I would like to offer you a free website audit.

Don’t expect that your site will suddenly improve rankings but if you solve the findings you are on the right path.

Should you want to know how your website is doing, click here and let’s see if your site could do with some improvement.


I’m not preaching to totally ditch SEO. All I’m saying is don’t worry as much about your rankings as you are now.

Spend time investigating what’s suitable for your visitors rather than for the Search Engines. This tactic will help grow your business goals.

Shifting your focus from the SEO-fetish will save you a few hours and head-aches a week. And be honest, isn’t it far more exciting creating fresh content than optimising keywords?




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