We go the extra mile

Wouldn’t you rather spend more time with your clients than fidgeting around with your website?

Core Services
We create unique, custom-built solutions to give you the edge

Our philosophy is to create and design that work best for your specific business.

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We believe the fundament of a great product or service begins with a proper understanding of the clients' business. We don't pretend to be the know-it-all type of business. Our objective is to have you benefit from our digital knowledge and experience, so we can create a superb product in order to reach your goals.

Nowadays, anyone can purchase a ready-made design and have a website up and running. Yet, this type of mindset is why many online retailers aren't successful. They underestimate the knowledge, frequent analyzing of user data and improving user experience .  

innotrends is an experienced web design and development business launched in 2015. Managed by the owner who has worked for digital companies since 1996.

Mid 2019 innotrends started offering marketing automation as a service. We selected to work with Klaviyo, a world-class automated relationship marketing tool. By adding Klaviyo to our service we can help increase revenues and prevent churn. innotrends holds the Silver Master status after successfully passing the extensive training.

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Our philosophy

Think big

During our onboarding we will guide you to think beyond the status quo. We are pretty good at combining innovative idea's into concrete solutions.

Start small

Small changes lead to enormous changes. We love to cherry pick first and then learn from the results. This on-going learning will positively impact the business.

Act fast

In this ever so fast evolving world there's no time to waste. We therefor prefer to work for partners that are equally involved and eager to act fast.

Clients we've worked for

Koninklijke PBNA
Reed Business
Springer Healthcare