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We motivate eCommerce companies to communicate with the right person at the right time, in order to increase customer satisfaction and average order values.

The service

AOV is the abbreviation for Average Order Value. Which in fact boils down to increasing the amount of money spent by your customers.

The more each visitor spends, the higher your Average Order Value becomes.

By automating your sales and marketing we will improve your Average Order Value within the first month. 

Average Order Value Destination
Average Order Value Calculation

For who?

Our AOV automation service specifically benefits e-commerce driven businesses with an average annual revenue of $250.000 or higher.

We haven’t created this threshold because we’ve become a bunch of snobs. The results, with smaller businesses has proven not to be as good as with 6 figure businesses.

Our business is entirely transparent, and we don’t want you paying us if we can’t reach your goals.

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