website audit Kickstarter made easy


The SEO kickstarter report will point out which SEO benefits your site is currently lacking.

configuration SEO Plugin

Whether you use Yoast, SEOpress, RankMath or any other SEO plugin we will walk through it with you and re-configure, if needed

pagespeed optimisation

We optimise your websites' pagespeed well within the minimum of 3 second requirement. Test your page-speed here


After the website audit kickstarter optimisation is completed you can select an optional recurring monthly report to keep your site up to date with the latest SEO requirements

Website audit Kickstarter Plans

We also offer optional recurring plans to ensure your website complies with future requirements.




One Time

  • SEO health audit
  • SEO Plugin configuration
  • Pagespeed optimisation
  • Video support


Optional Add-on


monthly Recurring Audit

  • SEO health audit
  • SEO Plugin configuration
  • Pagespeed optimisation
  • 5 Keywords monitoring
  • 30 mins video support


Optional Add-on



  • SEO health audit
  • SEO Plugin configuration
  • Pagespeed optimisation
  • innotrends cache PRO
  • 20 Keywords monitoring
  • 1 hour video support

Frequently asked questions


During a screen sharing and voice session, we will guide you to optimise your pagespeed. If you decide to choose the recurring SEO plus or SEO max package, we will use a paid caching plugin which we are licensed to use for your site (worth €39 / year).

We request you make a backup before we optimise your pagespeed.

As soon as the pagespeed is improved, we will run a site audit. The audit will crawl your site and report SEO optimisations. We will explain into non-techie jargon how and where you need to make the amendments on your website.

During this screen sharing & voice session, you can ask any questions you may have, and they will be adequately answered.

This audit doesn’t guarantee specific rankings as many other requirements and effort are needed such as content, keywords, domain age and authority.

On average, the complete page optimisation and site audit can take three to five hours.

We do not require your login or password details because we optimise your site by looking at your screen. During the screen-sharing session, we will guide you through the optimisation tweaks. You, therefore, need to reserve about 2 hours in your schedule

Agencies that deliver a minimum of 10 clients per 6 months are eligible for a 25% kickback fee. Also, the reports will be white-labeled for your clients

innotrends trusts our clients not to run and hide without paying. We, therefore, have decided to send an invoice after the optimisation work is completed. We do, however, expect the invoice to be paid, in full, within seven days. If, for some reason, this isn’t doable for your company, please mention this during our call.

We do not supply guaranteed results 

Our clients say

Scott from Innotrends was a lifesaver! He was able to debug my site and pinpoint exactly where I was having issues with my frontend. He then helped me identify which solutions would work best and even hopped on a video call to answer any remaining questions. I would highly recommend working with Scott and Innotrends for any of your digital needs!
Hannah Gerstner
Agency owner
In just a few hours Scott brought our website to an astounding speed. Highly recommend
Nino Pajevic
One of our clients had of a range of strange issues with their website as far as SEO performance, we approached Innotrends to help us work out what could be causing them. As it happened, it was software related, but Scott was keen to help, engaged and very helpful in trying to help us evaluate the situation.
Karen Cooper
KC Graphics
Professionals at the highest level, provided a great service to us when we were in need and took the time and patience to help all way. They really know their stuff, well done guys!
Kevin Mark
Agency owner

Pagespeed 0.8 seconds Fully Loaded Time!!!!

Planbouw België Pagespeed

Pagespeed Fully Loaded Time - 475ms

Pagespeed Live Pim

1.4 seconds FULLY LOADED TIME!!!!

Innotrends Pagespeed

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