Website Development for eCommerce retailers

We don’t simply create a pretty looking site, we create sites that are optimised to save time updating content and efficiently reach your goals.

Step 1: Strategic Session

We ask questions in order to understand your business, your goals, your history, meet the team. The goal of this strategy session is for both parties to determine if there’s a match between your desires and our capabilities.

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Step 2: Achieving your goals

Based on the outcome of step 1, we will create a user flows which visualise how we believe you should achieve your goals. We will even punch in your marketing budget to predict cost and profit based on predicted conversions or your current analytics. Based on the information, insights and views we will continue to step 3 – the design stage

Step 3: Design Concept

We don’t just design what we feel like; we attempt to create sites which reach your goals. Before we start programming, we will design the structure of the website first. We can modify the concept if needed. Once you’re ok with the concept we will continue to develop your site.

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Step 4: Website Development

This is the step where we bring all the three steps together and develop the actual website. Once we’re done developing, you will be offered sufficient time to test the site before we launch your smashing new site.

Step 5: Website Analytics

Our unique selling point is we believe in creating websites that achieve our clients’ goals. There’s only one way to make sure and that’s by analysing the data. You will receive an, easy to understand, custom made analytics dashboard. All you need to do is click on a link to see the most vital information of your website.

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Optional: Website Maintenance

The moment your site goes it will need on-going maintenance to prevent hacking attempts, malware infections and other attacks which can seriously harm your business. We offer complete maintenance packages as an optional service so you can run your business hassle free.

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