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The Biggest Seo Mistake You Can Easily Avoid

Just Google the terms SEO or Search Engine Optimisation and you’ll get swamped with millions of results and ads.

Optimising sites is hot business because websites optimised for SEO, statistically, have a better chance of ranking in the top 10.

Being ranked in the top 10 results (first page) means potentially receiving hundreds or even thousands of visitors a day. And because advertising costs money, everybody feels the urge to invest in SEO.

But here’s an interesting fact to take seriously: The image below is a Rank Risk level index by RankRanger over the period of July 2019.

Rank Risk Index measures SERP fluctuations for 10,000+ domains and keywords that we monitor daily. It is one of the tools in our Google algorithm monitoring service.

SEO algorithm updates

Tip: Click here for more search engine updates by RankRanger, MOZ and SearchEngineLand.

So it’s safe to say with all these changes and rank risk levels it’s pretty impossible to rank high and stay there.

Before you start going ballistic with optimising your SEO.

I’m experienced in optimising sites search engines, it’s one of the core services I offer my clients.

Without patting myself on the back, I can say I do pretty well when it comes to improving rankings. Over the years, I’ve tested and evaluated tactics that work and fail.

But then again, when I sell SEO as a monthly recurring service, I go much further than many other ‘SEO specialists’ do.

I don’t just install a SEO plugin (I prefer SEOpress instead of Yoast) fill in the blanks and tell the client their site is now SEO friendly. That type of SEO is total BS.

Optimising your site isn’t just cramming a bunch of keywords in the copy of your website, either. SEO goes way further than that. There’s a significant technical aspect, which I won’t explain into great detail (that would make this article pretty dull). But I’m sure you can imagine search engines prefer sites which load extremely fast, are SSL certified, are updated frequently, are responsive and so on.

Not to forget, Search Engines evolve and change their algorithms regularly, which may or may not have an impact for your site. So, there’s minimal benefit these SEO maestro’s in fact offer. Especially if it’s just a one time service.

SEO specialists read, test and tweak all day long. It’s a full time job, people. SEO isn’t an exact science nor well documented. A big part is a big well-educated guessing game.

If you decide to hire an SEO company, you should, at the very least understand, what they offer. Also understand optimising your site can easily take a few months before you see results. Once you’ve got the results you have been looking for, you might as well pray to the Search Engine Gods there’s no other site around which is better than yours. This is why a one time SEO overhaul won’t do too much. You’ll have to invest time and money.

The SE’s (search engines) have one primary task, and this is to help their customers find the best site that fits the users’ query.

The SE’s monitor which results get clicked by the users, how long they stay on your site, and how many pages the visitor has viewed. These are collectively a few of the ranking factors. If a SE refers visitors to your site and the majority click back to the SE, it’s a negative signal which can only result in a decline in ranking for your website.

If a competitor of mine would write an article about SEO which is fresher than mine (in terms of publication date) if more sites refer to his website than mine if more people stay longer and view more pages on his place than mine. What do you think the SE robots conclude?

Exactly, this other guys’ site is better, so let’s position this one higher than the old and outdated innotrends article.

It’s simple – I’d do the same.

Why I’m explaining this to you is, not to give you 100 tips to improve your SEO and generate 1 million visitors by the end of the month.

Nope, I’ve spent the time writing this article for you to save time and invest what really matters if you want to generate more SE visitors.

In fact, the articles I’ve written in the past have generated hundreds of visitors and believe me…I never optimised my blog articles.

I obviously have the basics appropriately set, but I don’t do extensive keyword researches, competitor tests etc. etc.

The reason I don’t analyse because they cost too much time and in the end…it’s bullshit.

I personally don’t care if my site has 10 visitors a day or 10.000 visitors. I write blogs whenever I can, and my Google Analytics shows the increase in new visitors.

Everything is in the green, and besides the general site-full SEO settings, I’ve done absolutely nothing to improve the SEO. Yet, I have more SEO visitors than ever.

For my clients, it’s a different ball game. They do care, especially the majority of my e-commerce clients and they pay me to help reach their goals.

To reach their goals, SEO is only one of the pieces of the puzzle. But for the general agency, there’s no need to be worried about these metrics.

Maybe later on, when you have sufficient traffic, you can then find out how to optimise your traffic, maybe dive into ways to monetise these visitors?

Save 1 hour a day with my favourite free and easy to use SEO tools.

It wouldn’t be an innotrends’ type of blog if I didn’t share tools you can use for free, which will save you at least 1 hour a day.

SEMrush is an all-in-one marketing tool which has a free limited option. You can audit your site, check out the competitors’ ads, ranking words etc. For my paid clients I use SEranking because the reports can be translated into multiple languages. Because my clients are all over the planet, I ask them in which language they prefer to read the reports. It’s a big bonus.

UberSuggest: This is Neil Patels’ tool, and the team have launched a massive free tool which is creeping into services such as SEMrush and SEranking. The tool is entirely free, but if you want to manage your sites and history, you will need to signup with your Google account. Now usually this is ok, but you have to realise you are granting them access to your site analytics. Because I manage multiple client accounts, I have chosen not to share this with them.

Title Generator: I believe writing fresh content is the best and most evergreen way to generate new visitors to a site. Blog content has more value than ads, and if the user likes your content, they will come back or sign up to a newsletter.

Headline Analyzer After you’ve used the title generator you can then have the headline analyser check the emotional value. “This free tool will analyse your headline to determine the Emotional Marketing Value (EMV) score. As you know, reaching your customers in a profound and emotional way is a key to successful copywriting, and your headline is unquestionably the most important piece of copy you use to reach prospects.”

Conclusion: The Biggest Seo Mistake You Can Easily Avoid:

If you haven’t read this article, then this might make no sense, but the biggest SEO mistake you can easily avoid is: Forget about SEO.

Invest in creating fresh content your audience wants to read or should want to know. I understand you’re not a content writer, neither am I. I’m partially dyslexic, so each article takes me ages to write and re-write. What motivates me to spend 4 hours writing this article is the hope that this will prevent you from making the same mistakes I have. Maybe more important: Not to work yourself into a burn-out as I have.

Please share your favourite free tools down below.

Thank you.

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